Octoline 2

OCTOLINE-2 is the newest and most versatile device multifunctional for cosmetic dermatology treatments – ultrasound for face and eyes (skin rejuvenation), ultrasound spatula (massage, lift and clean skin), iontophoresis (increased absorption of active ingredients)


Why iontophoresis?

Because five minutes of iontophoresis are equivalent to at least an hour to rub cream on the skin. This is because the speed of introduction of active substances into the skin by iontophoresis is tens of times higher than simple diffusion when applied to the skin creams. Introduction of biologically active ions in the skin rejuvenates the skin by activating cell metabolism and local blood circulation.

The salt, when dissolved in water, dissociates into sodium positive ions and negative ions and the solution conduct electricity. Similarly our bodies conduct electricity because the substances found in organic liquids are ionized.

Applying an electric field via two electrodes placed on the skin, place the skin under the positive electrode positive ions and negative ions in the negative. This is called iontophoresis. Iontophoresis is part of galvanic stimulation.

Cosmetic took advantage of accumulated scientific knowledge in medicine and used to treat skin galvanotherapy. Electricity is used for both its physiological effects on blood circulation and to “inject” active substances into the skin where they are needed.

Octoline 2
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