Einxel Plus

EinXel Plus is a device where needle-less in various lengths are used and the direct application of RF energy is approved, thereby healing skin conditions such as wrinkles, scars and skin elasticity by regenerating Bi-polar [lM Hz] type of RF energy reaching elastin and stimulating fibroblast cells in the dermal layer.
To transmit more efficient RF energy to the dermis layer, EinXel Plus breaks down the RF energy mode into PULSE/CW, thereby selecting the Pulse Mode for the lesion requiring the non­invasive thermal heating and regenerating the RF energy shorter than TRT (Thermal Relaxation Time)


In addition, EinXel Plus is designed to transmit ideal thermal heating energy to the dermis layer in the range where coagulation or vaporization would not happen.
To the contrary, it is designed to apply the CW mode to the lesion requiring more aggressive treatment, in order to provide differentiated treatments.
Moreover, other areas than the ends of needle [0.5 mm] are coated to decrease adverse effects on epidermis while the gold coatings of the equipment minimize skin allergy.

Einxel Plus
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